Strathmore Phase 2

Construction for new building consisting of the student Centre, management science, business block, warehouse and dispensary at Strathmore University along Madaraka,Nairobi.The project begun in November 2008 to June 2011, Project Value was approx.. USD 5.5 Million against an actual commercial value of USD. 14 Million.

The client undertook most of the services work directly and this required us not only to work very closely with the client but also to provide additional supervision services to bridge the gap of construction management required during project implementation. We were also significantly involved n procurement of construction materials due to construction model chosen.

Project was innovative in quite a number of significant ways; first we used a Building Management System to control lighting, power usage, monitor on site power, energy consumption heating etc. We also used a unique construction model that broke the construction into packages. This together with increased involvement in purchasing resulted in better quality and significant savings for the client. We recycled water as well as harvested rainwater for flushing water closets & urinals. Water heating was achieved via air source heat pumps and by using heat from incinerator (for waste). Building cooling was using the thermal mass of the building and fresh air supply systems for classrooms. During the project, we worked with the client to centralize their power distribution for the entire campus. As a principle we used LEED (Leadership in Energy and Enivironmental Design) as a design standard.

As the M&E consultants we were involved in Electrical and Mechanical Building Services design and supervision for the four new multi-storey buildings, sports fields and their associated civil works.